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Exploring Oneness Leadership: A Path to Deeper Connections

In today’s fast-paced world, where business practices often prioritize profit over human connection, the concept of oneness leadership offers a refreshing perspective. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Maggie Sarfo, a self-employed professional dedicated to promoting oneness in leadership. Maggie’s journey into this field began in 2016 when she decided to explore new ways of doing business, recognizing the need for deeper human-centered… Read More »Exploring Oneness Leadership: A Path to Deeper Connections

How can we do Spiritual Science

To unite science and spirituality would be a wonderful thing — if we could have an approach to spirituality that truly was based in deep understanding, and therefore we can be guided in the best and deepest possible ways of practicing our spirituality, and in understanding about the spiritual worlds. Imagine if instead of a plethora of unconnected gurus each teaching their own things we had united… Read More »How can we do Spiritual Science

Schools of Connection

To continue our discussion about schools my daughter has now started at her new school and she has some complaints about it, and it doesn’t seem to be very forward thinking or creative, but what is really interesting is the things that she says are good. They are not about what they are taught in the class, how difficult it is or how interesting it… Read More »Schools of Connection

Why I still use the ‘N’ Word

Apparently we should never use the ‘N’ word in any circumstance. It is offensive and should not be allowed to be spoken because that is racism. Let me clarify what I am talking about, the word is ‘Nigger’ Nigger Nigger Nigger Are you offended yet? Now I must clarify that I would not in ordinary speech use this word. I do not see any reason… Read More »Why I still use the ‘N’ Word

The Downwards Journey

There is a concept that the greatest journey you can make is from your head into your heart.  It is a nice thought, but inaccurate.  The first confusion here is between centring yourself in a particular centre, and opening a particular centre.  The heart should be open, and flowing with the pure love and light of spirit, but to focus on the heart as your… Read More »The Downwards Journey

Universal Harmony

Likely you have heard of Chi, Vital force, Orgone Energy, Prana, or whatever you like to call it. Star Wars fans will call it ‘The Force’ – and that is as good a description as any. This is an energy that is as yet not measured by scientific machinery, but the mystics, and healers, and spiritualists are able to perceive it, and in fact it… Read More »Universal Harmony

Love in it many forms

I once was looking for good words to describe love in more subtlety than we tend to do in English – to try to express the different types of love – the love of a mother is different to the loyal love that a dog will express to you, and the love for your romantic partner is quite different again, and then there is divine… Read More »Love in it many forms

Triple Connection

We aim for connectedness – which is perhaps a better way of saying love – not the I love you, but the ‘we are connected’ however there are a lot of different types of connections, and ways of being disconnected. It is easy to see people who are lacking in connection to others – they are course, insensitive, rude. But what about people who are… Read More »Triple Connection