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spiritual secrets

The Secret to Relationships

I am deeply worried about the state of our relationships.  If we had as many ill people as we have unhealthy relationships then people would be panicking.  Relationship skills are one thing that all of us need to learn. There is one single key that can unlock all of our relationship issues – one skill to learn.  (Well almost all of our relationship issues –… Read More »The Secret to Relationships

What is Enlightenment

For many enlightenment is pictured as an unattainable ideal – the removal of all human issues, becoming perfectly wonderfully happy at all times – completely unaffected by the physical world or even by the mental and emotional worlds.  While this is not completely unachievable it does have one quite serious implication that must be considered. When one is entirely unaffected by something one becomes entirely… Read More »What is Enlightenment

How to be an Atheist Christian

I was walking through the city only a few days ago, and met a christian missionary handing out flyers as they do and asking leading questions – “Do you believe in Jesus?” etc.  It was quite an unpleasant experience – exacerbated by the fact that i actually had met this particular christian before in more pleasant circumstances and felt that i had to treat him… Read More »How to be an Atheist Christian

Love is Not the Answer

Love is not only not the answer it is so dangerous as to possibly be our greatest problem.  The concept of love contains in it a duality – “I love you” – “You love me” – This means that You and I are separate.  I expect some might say that this is true – You and I are separate, and in the physical universe this… Read More »Love is Not the Answer