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Exploring Oneness Leadership: A Path to Deeper Connections

In today’s fast-paced world, where business practices often prioritize profit over human connection, the concept of oneness leadership offers a refreshing perspective. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Maggie Sarfo, a self-employed professional dedicated to promoting oneness in leadership. Maggie’s journey into this field began in 2016 when she decided to explore new ways of doing business, recognizing the need for deeper human-centered approaches. In our conversation, Maggie shared her insights on the importance of connection, the reception to oneness leadership, and how it plays out in her coaching. Join me as we delve into the world of oneness leadership and its potential to transform our lives and businesses.

The Power of Connection

Maggie believes that connection is at the core of our existence. She draws inspiration from indigenous tribes who greet each other by touching their hearts, symbolizing the recognition that they are fundamentally the same. Our interconnectedness extends beyond superficial differences and encompasses every aspect of our lives and the world around us. Maggie emphasizes that recognizing and nurturing this connection is vital in all aspects of our interactions, whether in business or daily life. By prioritizing connection, we can achieve deeper understanding and fulfillment.

Reception to Oneness Leadership

When discussing the reception to oneness leadership, Maggie notes that it has evolved over time. While not everyone grasps the concept immediately, she has witnessed a growing openness to the idea. The COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in shifting people’s perspectives, highlighting the importance of well-being, mental and emotional stability, and connection. As individuals experienced the impact of interdependence and recognized their connection to others, they became more receptive to exploring oneness rather than separation. Maggie believes that as more individuals embrace this mindset, a collective consciousness can emerge, creating a ripple effect that impacts others.

Coaching for Oneness

Maggie’s coaching approach embodies the principles of oneness leadership, both in personal growth and business growth coaching. In her work with clients, she encourages a deeper level of connection by asking thought-provoking questions that go beyond surface-level conversations. By understanding why clients want to work with her, she uncovers the subtle aspects of their needs, facilitating a more profound connection. This approach fosters trust, honesty, and a stronger client-coach relationship. Maggie emphasizes the importance of being authentic and acknowledging limitations when they arise, allowing for referrals or collaboration when necessary. By embracing oneness in coaching, she creates an environment where clients can thrive and grow.

The Right Direction

Discovering one’s purpose and the right direction for personal and professional growth is a journey. Maggie believes that there is no right or wrong path, and sometimes we need to take detours and explore various avenues to gain clarity. She encourages individuals to be curious about themselves and to cultivate self-awareness. This can be achieved through practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and exploring interests and passions. Maggie emphasizes that everyone is wired differently, and by tapping into our inner knowing and being open to exploration, we can discover our flow and align ourselves with our true purpose.

Comfort Zone vs. Flow

The comfort zone and the flow are intertwined, yet distinct concepts. The comfort zone is where we feel at ease because we are doing something familiar and easy. However, if we remain in our comfort zone for too long, our growth stagnates, and we risk moving backward rather than forward. The flow, on the other hand, represents a state of being where we are fully engaged and fulfilled. Initially, the flow may be found in our comfort zone, but as we evolve and grow, a knock on our hearts signals that it is time to step into the next level of our journey. Embracing the flow requires moving beyond our comfort zone to continue our personal and professional development.


Oneness leadership offers a transformative approach to business and life, emphasizing the power of connection and recognizing our interdependence. Through her coaching, Maggie Saffo encourages individuals to explore a new way of being and leading, creating deeper connections and growth. By embracing the concept of oneness and stepping out of our comfort zones, we can unlock our true potential and contribute to a more connected and harmonious world. So why not embark on this journey of oneness leadership and experience the profound impact it can have on your personal and professional life?

Working with Maggie

If you resonate with the concept of oneness leadership and are seeking guidance to explore a new way of being and leading, Maggie Sarfo is available for coaching. Her website,, provides more information about her services and approach. Additionally, you can find her blog, including the Oneness Leadership series, at Maggie’s social media profiles under the handle @MaggieSarfo offer additional insights and opportunities for connection.

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