Spiritual Life Coaching

With Master Alesha

The test of a spiritual teacher is not in their own enlightenment, but in the transformation that they create in you.

Alexander McDonell or “Master Alesha” after taking his own journey of self discovery and discovering the oneness of all things devoted himself to understanding the difference between people and their spiritual paths so that he could be an effective guide for all paths and not just one.

Discover yourself and your spiritual pathway

The Art of Happiness

Happiness is found when you transform yourself into connection with all that is. When you stop being a lonely being against the world, and start being a connection of all that is – then the whole world is love, and loneliness is not possible.

Complete Awakening

The Awakening journey contains a series of steps and stages – when we awaken just a little bit it can be a traumatic experience, but when we completely awaken to the unity of everything then we can experience the constant joy and connection of cosmic unity

Ecstatic Relationships

Relationships are built on authentic connection – your true self connecting with the true self of others. While you do not know who your true self is you cannot relate truly to anyone, and relationships become frustrating. Discover yourself, and your natural loving self and transform your relationships from the inside out.

Conscious Wealth Creation

Business and money doesn’t have to involve selling your soul. In fact when you find your authentic nature and express it in the world, it naturally creates wealth for you and for others. Discover your pathway to authentic, loving wealth.

Private Session

Experience the joy of a connected conversation exploring yourself and your inner gifts, find your spiritual pathway, and how that can unlock the many different aspects of your life. Come with a particular challenge, and explore how that can be overcome through the process of finding your natural inner pathway, and authentic expression.


Share with a small group of like minded people your challenges and joys, and grow together. Everyone learns from each other and helps each other, under Master Alesha’s guidance. In some cases this can be even more profound than private coaching sessions.


Gather with other individuals for a spiritual meetup guided by Alesha, and united by his spiritual energy the group is brought together in unity and connection. Bring a challenge to deal with, We may not be able to deal with all challenges every session, but we will work with some of them each time.

Alesha Live

Watch and join Alesha via his weekly online broadcast. Questions are invited, and answers given for the your inner spirit and growth. Sometimes Alesha has something specific to say, sometimes he responds to queries, and sometimes he is inspired to bring in poetry or readings from spiritual books, but he always brings his experience of oneness and divine love.