We transform ourselves, to transform the world around us

Personal Services

Spiritual and Life Guidance

Personalised guidance to support you in your life path and your spiritual growth. Expect a deep listening conversation that encourages you to listen to yourself in a deeper way.

Strength based Coaching

Some things are difficult, but we don’t need to focus on that – by finding our strengths and then applying those strengths to the situation we can achieve even more, and have more fun along the way.

Centring Energy Balance

Finding your centre is the key to open the joy and effectiveness of life – an energy healing session that brings you into your centre, and helps you to discover who you really are.


The Impact Process

Bring your team into its full potential. A series of workshops that creates focus, unity and effectiveness.

Everyone a Leader

Transform your organisation so that the responsibility does not fall just to management, but so that all the workers become leaders in their own right, and create a true business community


For communities and organisations with conflict, or for resolving political struggles. Conflict is only a lack of understanding, and the process of resolving it can be fun and easy.

Groups and Clubs

Spiritual Awakening Community

Join our community of spiritualists who share the common goal of discovering their deepest selves.

GaiaThrive – Conscious Business Club

Collaborate and connect to support your business to grow, and you to find your flow and your joy in the work.

Systems Change Alliance – Social transformation community

Get involved in the movement to leave capitalism behind and build a more cooperative, harmonious world.