Spiritual Beginnings

Alexander began his exploration of oneness at the age of 4 when he first starting learning meditation.  Through his youth he dedicated himself to the study of music and the exploration of yoga and meditation.

He became disillusioned about his yogic practice when he had a realisation of the nature of the universe that was ecstatic, but painful, and looked for an approach that was more relaxing and peaceful.  Eventually finding it through taoist practice and the experience of oneness through meditation.

Having had such a difficult time finding his own spiritual path he decided to help others find their own path in a gentler, more enjoyable way.  Since then he has been studying how to help people in their life path – both their spiritual life path, and finding soulfulness in ordinary life.

Facilitation and Community

Since then he has been developing an understanding of how the community and society around us affects our personal approach to life, and come to see that developing more cooperative structures in society is necessary for individuals to be able to find their flow and their meaning in life.  He has come to put more attention on facilitating and coaching for people and organisations to help them find their own way towards flow, meaning, and harmony.

Cooperative & Social Enterprise

Alexander sees business as an integral part of our personal, spiritual and community life.  He says that it is important for businesses to learn more about community, and for communities to learn more about business.  He sees the future or the world in more collaborative, community based business.

To this end he has started several cooperative enterprises, and is now encouraging others to follow in his footsteps and start cooperative ventures of their own.


  • The Spiritual Traditions of the world
  • aikido
  • permaculture
  • Wealth Dynamics
  • Mediation
  • Community Development techniques


Alexander is always open and interested in collaboration and partnerships towards realising these visions of a more beautiful, harmonious society.  If you are working in a similar direction then he would like to support you to succeed and achieve your more of your potential.