About Alexander

Alexander McDonell grew up with meditation and yoga, and remembers first meditating at the age of 4. He spent his youth playing music and seeking spiritual understanding. After getting thoroughly lost on the way he eventually discovered Oneness – the experience of connection with all things. He now spends most of his time talking about this experience – why it’s important, how to get there, and how to make use of it.

Alexander is passionate about the practical applications of this experience of Oneness and uses it to create solutions in all areas of life including business, politics, relationships, and happiness.

When not talking about oneness he spends his time playing violin and other musical instruments, and trying to express that experience through the music.


Music is an expression of Consciousness

It is a way of sharing one person’s experience with another and creating a shared experience – it temporarily removes the barriers between people and allows a direct perception of the world through another persons experience.


“For me music has not just the ability to transcend our personal boundaries, but to go beyond that and transcend boundaries altogether and become a shared experience of the limitless consciousness that we all are.”

The Science of Consciousness

Alexander spends a lot of time exploring the science and technology of that limitless consciousness, or sharing about the answers the science of consciousness gives to resolve our personal and social issues today.


Alexander does business facilitation and life coaching based on his understanding of spiritual psychology, and the natural flow of living processes.  His methods are drawn from a combination of Talent Dynamics, Community Development, Developmental Psychology, and his own research and experience of the inner consciousness processes that govern transformation and effectiveness in the world.  He focuses on building on people’s inner strengths, authenticity, and a cooperative approach to create a harmonious approach to developing successful projects and having a powerful impact on the world.