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Harmony is the Ultimate Power because you can’t resist it


Taichi is not just an exercise or meditation form.  It’s chinese name means “Supreme Ultimate Fist” and it is an expression of the inner spirit of effective, peaceful self-defense.

Discover the inner peace, and outer confidence of gentle martial arts based on Taichi, with influence from Aikido, Karate, and more.

Adults, Childrens, and Mixed classes available according to interest.

Music Lessons

Everyone has musical talent – you just have to find your style.  Some love to improvise, some love precise classical music, others love traditional and folk music and learning by ear.  Each has their own style.

Music lessons focused on your joy of music and personal expression.  My own passion is world music on violin and guitar – irish folk, klezmer, portuguese folk songs etc.  But much more exciting is to see each person finding themself through music and opening up to their own talents.

If you are interested in expressing yourself on violin, guitar or other instruments please contact below

Bowen Therapy

Gentle Australian bodywork for deep transformational healing.  When you get a massage you feel better straight away, but over the days the effect wears off.  When you have bowen you start a week long healing process that creates a permanent transformation.

Discover the subtle power of Bowen Therapy – Less is More.

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