Business, Wealth and Abundance

Gifts and Curses

We are all born with great gifts special abilities and skills – what we don’t always realise is that these exact gifts that make us special, also make us weak in another way. Any gift can also be a curse- sensitivity is great, but it makes you sensitive (duh) and a brilliant intellect might make you less understanding of other people who do not have such an intellect etc.


When we use our gifts well we go into a state of flow – of easy natural work. This is where we are most effective. This is what is required in order to make successful projects etc. happen.


Each of us has a particular flow personality depending on how extroverted or introverted, how creative, or practical we are. This also relates to our chakras or energy centres. There is one point along the centre of our body that leads us to effective action – a centre that empowers and puts us into flow, and the other centres follow, but if we focus our energy in another centre it takes us out of flow, so it is important to find the correct centre of flow.

Flow in action

There are also particular actions and approaches to life that suit us each depending on our personality profile and centre that can help us to be effective. The key to success is to stick to your centre and your flow, and support others to do the same. This can be expanded on and explored in much depth, but it all comes down to this one central principle.