Centring is a cross-cutting issue that affects the way we approach many different areas of our lives. Principally how we approach our businesses, our approach to leadership, and the kind of personal development techniques that work for us. This is a development of the understanding of the chakras (the energy centres up and down the centre of the body). In my own research I found that every person has a particular chakra or energy centre that is predominant, and that helps to bring all the others into balance. When we focus our mind in that key centre many aspects of our life are aligned and we become effective and in flow. This I term finding your centre, or just Centring.

Centring is essential to effective business and project development, and leadership. Without it we remain stressed and ineffective. It is also quite important in choosing our personal spiritual development pathway, but in this case is often done in a less conscious way.

The research on centring continues, but as far as I understand it at the moment here are the types of centring – this is still in beta development. there may be some mistakes.:

The feet: gentle, introverted people who love elegance and beauty – they find relaxation and the taoist tradition very effective

The Base centre (base of the spine or more generally – the butt): Good listeners and connectors, matchmakers

The Lower abdomen, or sacral centre: facilitators and mediators who bring out the best in a team.

The upper belly, or solar plexus: system thinkers, and planners. engineers who appreciate systematic approaches such as yoga

The heart centre – people who are good at service and assistance, as well as being in the now in presence.

The throat centre – those who are good at dreaming and goal setting and making their dreams come true.

The third eye – intense focused people who know what they want to create and have the focus of mind and spirit to bring it into being.

The crown centre – perfectionist elegant people who try to organise everything perfectly – the western spiritual and cultural tradition is highly influenced by the crown centre – christianity, ballet, classical music etc.