Spiritual Guidance

Learn to apply the power of Oneness in your life.

For spiritual seekers who would like to connect to the random happiness that comes from spiritual connection. Not everyone follows the same pathway, or should, but there are universal principles that apply to everyone. You can listen to my talks here, or contact me below for more personal guidance.

Secrets of cooperative fundraising Alesha and the One

How to build effective fundraising for your goodwill without actually focusing on fundraising
  1. Secrets of cooperative fundraising
  2. Centring and effective organising
  3. Impact and centring
  4. The layers of consciousness and the centrings
  5. Jean-Gardner Singleton on authentic business and authentic spirituality

Spiritual Guidance Services

Satsang & Meditation Instruction

Everyone should have access to quality spiritual teachings independent of their wealth or life situation, so I offer Meditation Instruction free of charge. This can be in the form of individual sessions, or group satsangs.

Healers Masterclass

The power of the group’s support can make your progress and inspiration so much easier. Join our online Satsang sessions for support, guidance and encouragement.

Spiritual Mastery Course

For those who want a more focused training course to speed up their progress. This course is aimed at those who wish to become spiritual teachers, healers and guides themselves.

Let’s discover the inner universe together