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About Donations

All donations go towards our mission of creating a world of harmony, oneness and connection. We work towards this dream through spiritual education, through helping people with their conscious business projects, and through musical celebration.

As a spiritual teacher much of my work must be done without payment as it is directed towards where it is needed rather than where the money is. If you are able to pay something that is great.

How much to donate?

Of course we love it if you donate, and the more the better, but this question is better asked from your perspective – how much is it appropriate to give for spiritual services? Of course you can decide how ever much seems right to you, but there is a tradition called tithing that says that we should give away 10% of your total income. There is a special spiritual value in tithing. Giving away 10% of your income is enough to be significant, but not enough to be onerous. At this rate it has the specific power of countering greed. When running a business or dealing with money it is easy to get caught up in greed, in desire for more, in a need for more and more money, and some respond to this in the opposite way by avoiding an interest in money altogether because money has such a disturbing effect on our minds, but the interesting thing is that if you are making money in order to give it away it does not have that same disturbing effect in fact it makes the act of making money not a greedy act, but a generous one. This liberation of money from greed allows one to be fully focused on business success without losing the inner spirit of love and generosity.

Now we don’t necessarily expect you to give all of that 10% to us – no this should be the total donations that you make during each month, so I recommend finding a way to give away 10% of your income every month to enable you to continue growing your business in love and connection. If you wish to give some of that to us – wonderful, and if you are not ready to give that much, and want to decide on another amount, or another way of contributing to our mission then we will not complain.

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