Events and Presentations

Let us come to know ourselves together

Musical Performances

Dharma Chakra

A musical exploration into the depths of consciousness based on songs of love and connection, and yogic mantras and rituals

Deap Peace of Christ

A modern musical journey through the peace and joy of prayer and divine presence inspired by gregorian chant, and modern christian music

Beyond Capitalism

Music to change the world – songs and ideas that show the pathway towards a better more cooperative, community based world.


Your Life Path

Discover your centre, and how that can influence your pathway through life. Explore how you can have a life path that suits you.

Complete Awakening

Explore the layers of the mind and the complete pathway to enlightenment and beyond.

Amplify your Impact

For those who have visions of making a difference in the world, who have community projects, or social enterprises – keys to highly successful projects and social transformation


Fairy Tales for Grown Ups

Tales and music to explore the workings of our psyche. Fairy tales as you have never heard them before.

Stillness at the Centre

Find your centre and your inner stillness through movement and self discovery inspired by ecstatic dance and contact improv

Mystery Satsang

Tune into spirit and see what happens – you never know what will come out when you let the divine guide the show.