Facilitation & Coaching

I want to see a world where business is done in a truly collaborative and cooperative way. Where every business is devoted to making the world a better place in some way, and in helping us to live in harmony with each other, and the planet. There is no need for the economy to be in conflict with the ecology – both in terms of the natural environment, and the human ecology of how we interact and build community together. Business can and should be a great blessing to society.

In order for this to happen we need a new way of doing business – a way that does not rest on competition, but on collaboration and cooperation every step of the way. This is not so hard, in many ways it is actually easier and more fun than the old fashioned way of doing business, and steps are already being taken in that direction. But I want to see more, see it become easy for people to build their dreams into businesses, and to support each other to do the same.

This is why I offer business coaching and facilitation based on discovering your inner strengths, and the strengths and resources around you, and using those to build true wealth for yourself and those around you. For those with small businesses of their own I offer strength based coaching, and for larger projects and organisations I offer team facilitation based on the 5 elements to help you discover your own way of working in peace and collaboration and joy.

Strength based Coaching

Discover your inner strengths and how you can apply those strengths to solving your problems.

5 Element Facilitation

For businesses who would like to see how the collaborative approach can make for greater success. This is a series of workshops based on 5 questions that clarifies and inspires and activates your team.

Spiritual Community Facilitation

Based on the principles in my book – Growing Spiritual Community – this is a facilitation that helps spiritual leaders and communities to achieve their greatest potential.