Goodbye Octopus

For business owners

No longer one person with many arms doing everything – build your awesome team for success

Build your awesome team for success

No longer be the octopus who does everything yourself many arms doing many things. Obviously you want great staff who can help you to build your business, but how is it possible to find these great people that you can trust and rely on, and will build you to the next level?


  • Why you need 8 arms to run a business – and what are the 8 arms doing?
  • Which parts are the most important to outsource, or to hire people for?
  • The art of hiring – Talents vs Skills vs Attitude what is more important?
  • The art of management – keeping motivation high, getting the most out of your workers
  • Your leadership style

Book a discovery call

Book a discovery call to explore how your business and life can benefit from the power of harmony, and how you can get out of being an octopus and into being a leader of a great team. (This is not a sales focused call, but a value packed coaching session where you will explore how you can resolve your own issues. Yes we may offer you services, but no pushy sales I promise)