The Journey of Awakening

Enlightenment and Beyond

Spiritual Awakening can be a painful and confusing thing, and to add to the confusion is all the conflicting advice. Discover the complete map of spiritual awakening, the different spiritual pathways, and the levels of Consciousness that we can access. Find out your personal spiritual personality, and begin to create an approach to spiritual awakening just for you.

Centring and the spiritual pathways

Discover your personal centre, and how the different energy centres lead to different spiritual personality types. Discover the different spiritual pathways, and find the one that suits you.

The Layers of Consciousness

Beyond the conscious mind is not just one, but a series of different layers of consciousness that we can all learn to access.

The Spiritual Journey

As we open up to deeper layers of consciousness we go through a similar set of stages of development in our spiritual life. Know what to expect.

All is One, but some things are more One than others.

Dada Nabhaniilananda

Discover your spiritual pathway