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Musical Styles

Each different style of music is also an expression of a different approach to life and the world. Finding your musical style is also about finding your path through life. Discover your style and through that discover your approach to career, business and success in life. Simply learning music that speaks to your soul is a great step towards transforming your life, but if you want to go further then let us discover the secrets of developing your career in that music.

The Styles

Jazz and Swing

For creative people who come up with new possibilities all the time. Explore your potential to create inspiring new visions in the world and in music.

Louis Armstrong

Gypsy and Klezmer

For intense performers, who know how to express their passions, and drive, and make their visions come true.

Johnny Depp

Fado and Folksinging

For communicators who love to share deeply and help others through life.

Joni Mitchell

Indian Classical and Meditation Music

For those who love to connect with others, with nature and the universe, and bring all together as one.

Ravi Shankar

Irish and Celtic Folk

For heart centred people who love to be helpful. Learn to be a humble part of the whole creation, and to serve effectively through music and life.

The Chieftains

Rock and Blues

For the down to earth people who love to be natural and let life grow slowly, to invest in what is important for them.



For refined people who like elegance and mastery. To organise and perfect life.

Itzak Perlman

Latin Jazz and Bossa Nova

For intelligent people who like to understand how things work, to work with the sytem – the engineers of music.

João Gilberto

Begin your journey now to musical expression, and a harmonioius life.