Oneness is the key that opens all doors

We are faced with many challenges

There are many issues and challenges facing us today – global issues, personal issues, environmental sustainability, climate change, poverty, unhappiness, relationships. Whether you want to change the world, or to create personal success – whether you want to have happy relationships, or become healthy – All of these challenges are an expression of one thing. That thing is disharmony. And there is one solution to all of those issues – that is the Universal Harmony of Oneness.

The one principle behind all our challenges

If we are out of harmony with nature we will be unsustainable, but if we can bring ourselves into harmony with nature then we can create true sustainable, regenerative living. If we are out of harmony with each other we create relationship problems, and conflicts – but if we can come into complete harmony with each other then we will have peaceful, wonderful relationships, and peace in all areas of life. In the same way if we are out of harmony with ourselves then we create unhappiness and depression, but if we come into true harmony with ourselves then we will be able to experience inner joy and happiness, and make life a wonderful adventure. Oneness is when we come into harmony with all that is, and can resolve all the challenges facing us.

The Power of Harmony

The Universal Harmony of Oneness is the ultimate power. It is irresistible, and yet gentle. It resolves all things. Bring yourself into harmony with yourself, others, and the universe around you, and watch the universe come into harmony around you. Explore this website for resources and services that can help you to use the power of oneness to resolve the challenges in your life.

About the Trainer

Alexander McDonell (Alesha) is an explorer of the science of consciousness and loves to apply the lessons learnt from deep inner experience to the practical issues of the outer world. He mixes deep contemplation and peaceful practices like taichi with passionate musical expression and sometimes wild swing dancing. He is always ready to explore how the power of harmony can impact different areas of life.

Oneness is the key to all of life’s challenges

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