Spiritual Awakening

Enlightenment is a practical thing

Not just your inner happiness, but also your gifts to the world

Spiritual Pathways

Each of us centres ourselves in one particular chakra. All of them are operational, but one is stronger than the others, and depending on this the whole attitude to life, and the natural spiritual pathway is completely different. Find your path to self realisation and self actualisation.

The Centrings

Crown Centre

The crown centre leads to the path of elegance and mastery, self perfection and grace. In exploring the crown centre we look towards western mysticism, and gnostic teachings.

St Francis

The third eye

The third eye centre leads to the path of wisdom and insight. Explore qigong, qabalah, concepts from traditional chinese medicine, and truly understand the world.

Rabbi Manis Friedman

Throat Centre

The throat centre leads to the path of intent and focus, to emotional freedom, and the shamanic approach.

Don Miguel Ruiz

The Heart Centre

The heart centre opens us to mindfulness and compassion, and our journey draws much on buddhism and zen traditions.

Eckhart Tolle

The Solar Plexus Centre

The deep passion and connection of union with others and with all. the Solar plexus leads us to an exploraion of yoga in the sense of ultimate divine union.

Pramahamsa Yogananda

The Sacral Centre

Expanding into the universal energy and sharing that with all in the dance of cosmic unity. The sacral centre draws much on aikido and japanese traditions.

Morihei Ueshiba

The Bass Centre

The bass is the root of creativity and expresses in an upwards connection with the ecstacy of the divine. Drawing on sufi traditions we explore your own freedom and self expression.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Feet

Yes the feet are also a centre. They create a sense of peace and stability those centred here explore the journey through the influence of taoist chinese tradition, and modern approaches.

Mantak Chia

Begin your journey to awakening now – follow your path to a life of joy and meaning.