Spiritual Dynamics

Personality Workshop

Who are you?

And what gifts do you bring to the world? Many of us see ourselves as having problems, as being imperfect, but in this workshop we look instead at how our nature gives us strengths and gifts, and what positive genius we bring to the world.

Your Spiritual Personality

Depending on your personality type each of us has a completely different approach to life and love, to business and spirituality. We will look at you, and at those around you, and see how we are all unique, but we all bring something special. Some of us are more extraverted and some more introverted, some more creative others more practical, but all of us have some special spark.

Keys to success

Discover the energy centre that will unlock your potential, and the attitude to life that will help you bring happiness, and effectiveness. Each of us has a key that will unlock our life and overcome our challenges, but it is dangerous to listen to others’ advice because our keys are different. Discover the key that works for you.

And who is everyone else?

As we explore these questions in a group we get to observe and understand how other people work as well as ourselves. creating an opportunity for true understanding and connection that will support flourishing communities and effective collaborations.

Networking and Masterminding

This workshop is a great opportunity to share your projects and visions with others, to launch collaborations, and to get advice and support on your own work, life and business.