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Flow through the difficulties, and focus on what you do best.

The Power of Flow

Flow is the greatest power in business. When we do those things that are easy and flowing for us, then we create the most impact for our time, love the journey and never burn out. Unfortunately it is all too easy to focus on the difficulties instead of the strengths. Work at your best, and incidentally improve the rest of your life at the same time.

The Flow Styles

Everyone has their own approach to flow. How do you find yours. Here are the flow styles that we work with:


Invent, discover, create something new, don’t get bogged down in managing old things, just keep the inspiration flowing.

Thomas Edison


Focus on the dream and make it a not let anyone say it can’t be done. If it is your dream then it is yours to create.

Marilyn Monroe


Support all those around you to become the best that they can be, build your team and grow together.

Carl Jung


Meet people and discover their strengths, put them together in new ways that create powerful projects.

David Geffen and his famous friends


How can you be of assistance, how can you serve? What do you offer or sell? Give people what they are looking for, understand their needs.

Marco Polo


Research well where is the best place to invest your time and energy and money, take each step carefully and securely and you will find your way.

Warren Buffett


Never settle for less than perfection, build the highest quality, best way of doing things. Master your field.

John Rockefeller


Simplify and systemise everything. Have it run so that it doesn’t need your touch and focus on refinement and improvement instead of doing all the work.

Henry Ford

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