The Journey Home

Self Mastery Course

A Journey to Self Realisation and Self Actualisation

We are each born with an inner feeling that drives us towards become the greatest we can be – some have the need for success, some have the desire for inner peace, some wish to know God, and some wish to understand the truth of the universe. It is this feeling that pushes us to personal growth, and it is this feeling that makes us suffer and be dissatisfied if we do not take that journey.

To master yourself and become the greatest you can be – some would call it enlightenment, some would call it coming into your power, some would simply call it growing up. It is not such a hard process though we have in our society made it terribly complicated. It requires a few simple steps, and as long as you have the right tools and understanding it doesn’t take long.

This is a course of 4 stages to self mastery and beyond each stage can be achieved in a period of 3 months if you pursue it diligently, meaning the whole journey to self mastery or enlightenment could take only a year. The journey to self is such a key important part of life that we believe everyone should be able to access and learn so I do not charge for this course, but donations are gratefully accepted in order that we can continue to offer life guidance to all those who need it. Begin your journey now, or continue from where you have already achieved.

Level 1 Inner Compass

Find your direction – which is your pathway, where is your destination? Where will you find your true self? Includes an exploration of the 7 spiritual pathways, and your own natural approach to life.

Level 2 Treasure Map

Once you have chosen your pathway, learn the techniques and principles that will carry you on the journey home. Includes detailed instructions in particular exercises, breathing, etc. that can help you to master your own personal pathway.

Level 3 Personal Chariot

By now you already understand the practices and techniques that will help you take your journey home – we help you be providing a supportive environment and community in which to practice and master your own personal strengths and capabilities. You will be part of a group of similar people treading a similar pathway to self mastery together, or personal guidance and satsang sessions to support your individual practice and growth. Whether you are exploring through yoga, or meditation, or through more Vision and goal setting we provide a haven for your practice

Level 4 Robes of Light

As you awaken to yourself you find the purpose of life changes. No longer is your own personal growth so important, now the way you can serve others and contribute in your unique way to the welfare of all becomes more important. Discover your personal gifts, and develop your own way of bringing your personal mastery back into the world to share with others. Be part of a diverse group of people each contributing in their own way to making the world a better place.