The Opposite of Stress

Not relaxation but joy

The opposite of stress is not floppy relaxation – lying in bed doing nothing, or self indulgence – a day at the spa, rather it is the joy in action that allows you to effortlessly, and energetically create and actively engage in the world. If you love your job, and love your life do you lie in bed in the morning? Maybe sometimes, but mostly you will bounce out of bed excited to explore the next thing that is happening, the next wonderful experience in life.

The opposite of stress is flow, finding that harmony between yourself, and the world around you that allows you to love what you do, and do what you love. In your career it is finding your strengths and your talents, and being able to express them in service to others, in your relationships it is knowing your authentic self, and allowing that to shine, so that others are drawn to relate to you as their authentic selves, in health it is releasing the tensions and blockages that prevent the natural vital force from flowing. And in your mind and thoughts it is allowing the worries and thoughts to be replaced by the true passion and compassion that energises your soul and makes all of life a joy.

The Harmony Process

Harmony is the power that takes us from stress to joy. When we find harmony with ourselves we find our vitality, when we come into harmony with others we are able to develop beautiful, supportive relationships. When we develop harmony with the world around us we find our meaningful path and career, and when we experience harmony with the cosmos we develop inner peace. The harmony process applies this principle of harmonisation to all areas of life, and to whichever challenges you are facing.

Strength based coaching

Find your career and business direction not by trying to build and fix your weaknesses, but by making use of you strengths – your gifts and your talents. People find that as they get to see themselves and their goals and challenges more clearly they realise they can take more exciting, inspiring directions, and at the same time find the journey easier and more fun. Often people say – ‘that’s so obvious why wasn’t I doing it before?’ – But of course these things are only obvious after you can see them clearly.

Ecstatic Relationships

Relationships are built on authentic connection – your true self connecting with the true self of others. While you do not know who your true self is you cannot relate truly to anyone, and relationships become frustrating. Discover yourself, and your natural loving self and transform your relationships from the inside out. This can work for finding new romance, for fixing existing intimate relationships, and for dealing with other relationships such as family and work.

Opening to the vital force

Using techniques taken from ancient times such as traditional chinese medicine, and modern developments such as homeopathy and Bowen therapy we release the blockages caused by stress and allow the bodies natural vital force to flow. This creates an abundant sense of health and wellbeing and often leads to the cure of many ailments. It is not the healing treatments that cure you, but your own powerful vitality that we only need to get out of the way and let it do it’s thing. The treatments are based on the principles of awareness, relaxation and entrainment to create deep slow transformation.

Compassionate Listening

The experience of being truly heard and listened to is transforming in itself. Many do not have enough of this in their lives. In most cases people have inside themselves all the answers they need, but have trouble accessing that knowledge because of their confusion, and engagement in other matters. A deep listening conversation often helps you to find that inner answer that gives you true clarity about your life direction.

Consciousness Technologies

Everything we do affects our consciousness, and our state of consciousness affects everything we do. Guidance in consciousness technologies such as meditation, taichi and yoga, positive thinking etc. can be very useful to find ways that you can approach life from a deeper, more harmonious, and effective place.

Discovery Call

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