The Path of Love

We have a series of courses based on transforming yourself and the world around you. This is for people who are attuned to the path of Love – to love all, love the divine, and to express that through their actions in the world. For people who are devoted to making a difference in the world, for whom simply being peaceful and contended is not enough – they want to make the world a better place, and themselves better people.

Tools to Change the World

Planet Earth needs impassioned activists working together to raise consciousness and transform society.  This 10 week course will empower you to be a key part of the movement to a better world.

Tools to Change Yourself

For those ready to experience the transcendent bliss of uniting with the divine. This course is based on Yogic Techniques, Meditation and Philosophy.

The Revolution of Love

A combined course covering Tools to change the world, and Tools to change yourself – an integrated approach to the path of love to change yourself and the world around you.

Tools to Change the World – Overview

Tools to change the world is a 10 week course in skills for activists who want to move beyond bandaid solutions that deal with only one aspect of the problems of the world to being part of the wave of visionary transformation to a world where these issues do not need to arise. It is based on the Tools to change the world book that you can find here, but has been adjusted for online classes, with the addition of more music, the removal of activities that can’t be done easily online, and the addition of more cooperative project development methods based on Talent Dynamics, Mediation, and Community Development


What is extreme poverty and relative poverty? What are the five minimum necessities of life? What should be the first priority of an economy? What role, if any, should the government have in helping citizens find meaningful employment with fair wages? How should we measure economic advancement? What should be done with surplus wealth? What are the strengths and weaknesses of Karl Marx’s ideas? What are the three elements of a good story? Why is it important to tell your personal story? The benefits of journaling.


What is depression and how many people does it affect? How can the “fight or flight response” result in chronic stress? What is dharma? What are the four aspects of human dharma? What is spirituality? What is Tantra? What are three problems with materialism? What is holistic health? What are the benefits of daily meditation? What are seven elements common to authentic spiritual practice? How to meditate effectively? The different types of meditation.


What is capitalism and what is wrong with it? What is Cosmic Inheritance? What should we do with underutilised land? Should we restrict the accumulation of physical wealth? How do we have decentralised economic planning? How do we create an effective speech? How do we work together for maximum effect?


Why can global capitalism be compared with a cancer? How does air pollution affect us? Why is the maximum utilisation of the planet’s resources important? Why are effectiveness, efficacy, and efficiency needed for maximum utilisation? Why is rational distribution also important? what are the three priorities for deciding rational distribution? Are individual interests or collective interests more important? What are the physical, metaphysical, and spiritual potentialities of a person and society? Why and in what way should scientific research and development be redirected? What is a consciousness-raising group, and why are they important? What are your personal gifts and talents?


What are corporations tempted to do to increase profits? Why are moral principles important? What are cardinal human values? Why is just telling the truth and not harming anyone not enough? What are the ten universal moral principles? What is the difference between ahim’sá and nonviolence? How can the truth harm others? When can honesty and integrity cause problems? Why is service essential for activists who want to change the world?  How to create engagement – What are the four key goals of one-on-one interviews? Define your mission in one minute or less.


Why is going into financial debt a problem? Which country has the largest debt? What are the three tiers of the economy? Should we limit the size of private enterprises? Which enterprises should produce essential goods? What are the benefits of cooperatives? How will Prout manage large, strategic industries? How do frames and metaphors shape our perceptions and decisions? Why do many working class people vote for conservative candidates and conservative causes? How do you turn argument into agreement?


How do economists define unemployment and underemployment? What is a cooperative? How many people in the world are members of co-ops? How many work for co-ops? What are the three requirements for co-ops to be successful? What are the benefits of a cooperative market economy? Why do co-ops hold a competitive advantage over both private and public enterprises? How do worker co-ops function? What are credit unions; how many are there in the world? How do co-ops benefit the community where they are? How do you start a successful co-op?

Tools to Change Yourself

Experience the ecstasy of Divine Union

The path of love is not just the path to selfish enlightenment of being in the now that allows you to be happy despite what is going on around you, rather it is the divine passion – the ecstatic love affair with the divine that will inspire you to work energetically on making the world a better place.  For old souls who care about the world around them, and are not interested in their own personal success, but in how they can be the best they can be and help others in the best possible way.


  • In context – the layers of the mind and enlightenments – there is not just one kind of enlightenment and this yogic practice and the enlightenment of love are one of 7, each of which is appropriate to certain people at certain times.  This one is the most intense, loving, ecstatic experience that you can have.  And the most inspiring to transformation of yourself and the world.
  • What you will learn
  • Unique content – meditations – these meditations are ones that i have developed to create this particular experience of ecstatic love.  There are other good practices as well each of the practices in itself being profound.  There is no need to do all of the practices, but the more we do the more power of transformation it has on us.
  • Drawing on other traditions – Yoga is one of the most famous and well developed systems for developing this layer of consciousness we will draw deeply on yoga, and particularly on the teachings of Ananda Murti who in a similar way to what i am doing now took a scientific approach to yogic practices and taught a series of exercises precisely aimed at creating this particular sort of enlightenment.  We can also look at other traditions such as Reiki, Wing chun kung fu that are based on the same state of consciousness.


  • Basics
    • Sitting
    • Awareness
  • Centring
    • The third eye
  • Chakra Dharana
    • Mantra, chakras
  • Pranayama
  • Vrtti Dharana
  • Dhyana

Yoga Asanas

  • Yoga massage
  • Corpse posture
  • Asanas for the base chakra – basic 4
  • Asanas for the sacral chakra – suryanamaskar
  • Asanas for the navel chakra – Standing postures
  • Asanas for the Heart chakra – relaxed and lying postures
  • Asanas for the Throat chakra – Advanced Postures
  • Asanas for the Third Eye – balances
  • Asanas for the crown chakra – massage and walking
  • Recommendations and rules
    • Try half bath before
    • Time after
    • Pregnancy and menstruation yoga – – or focus on massage and corpse.  Sitting postures that you could meditate in are always great for you.
    • Always be gentle – yoga asanas means comfortable positions – better do the easy things well.
    • Don’t do headstand – it’s not in tune with the enlightenment of ecstasy, and it is dangerous.
    • Clothing – minimal and appropriate – bras and underwear, for men the langota, or pouch underwear.  If you do wear more clothes it is better loose so that you can still massage the skin.

External Links

  • Ananda Marga – go and get initiation if you like it is just as powerful (conceivably more powerful, though i am not certain) as the meditations i am teaching – The guru of Ananda Marga did the same thing i am doing – took the spiritual traditions of the past and reformed them to have the best possible spiritual effect in a scientific manner so the techniques are good, and many of the techniques are found here in this course.  The meditation techniques of Ananda Marga are taught secretly in individual lessons to maintain the integrity of the teaching.  So they cannot be included in this course.  I have given other techniques that can also be effective, so they are entirely unnecessary, but may boost your practice.  The Ananda Marga meditation lessons require an initiation where you promise to do good, to avoid doing harm, and to keep the teachings secret, and also a dedication to the Guru Anandamurtii – thus they are not for all, but if you choose to check them out it is well worth it.
  • Wing chun – is a martial art that is based on the same state of consciousness that we are developing here.  It can be worth practicing the basic form even if you don’t go to classes.  Look for Siu Lim Tao
  • Reiki – Usui reiki is also a great adjunct to yoga, and based on the same consciousness – the enlightenment of love.  Not only does Reiki help your enlightenment, but also your other enlightenment practices will inform and develop your reiki abilities.
  • Let me know of any other techniques that you think might fit…


Some techniques using water that can help to freshen up the body and the mind

  • Full bath
  • Pitr Yajna
  • Half Bath
  • Use of water after toilet


By itself food does not have a very powerful spiritual effect, but when you are doing the other practices it can become a great support for the development of consciousness, and you can begin to feel the negative effects of the wrong foods.

  • Sattvika Diet
  • Fasting by the moon


Ananda Sutram – An exploration of the nature of the universe in 5 concise but very thought provoking chapters,

Yama & Niyama – enlightenment in the world


  • Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan
  • Bhajan – and freedom of expression in it
    • My own translated bhajans
    • Songs of unity consciousness?
  • Samgacchadhvam
  • Nityam Shuddham
  • Akhanda mandala

The Revolution of Love

A combined course covering Tools to change the world, and Tools to change yourself – an integrated approach to the path of love to change yourself and the world around you.