Alone to All one

There is only one negative emotion. There is only one reason for all the pain and suffering that you go through. Whether you experience anger and frustration, or sadness, fear, guilt, and even the heartache of love – whatever emotional experience you are going through it is caused by the same single issue that is found all over the world, in all people. And similarly there is really only one single positive emotion that fills us with joy and peace. Some would call these emotions Love and Fear, but I find this a confusing and misleading use of words. Better to say connection and disconnection. Either you are feeling the connection with all things, your heart is open and your are filled with joy and peace, or you are feeling disconnection, and the lack and joy and peace leads to all the suffering experiences of pain and anger and all negative emotions. Connection is natural. It is the natural way we exist and operate in this world (and beyond it), but sometimes resistance creeps in, and we close down to that infinite connection, and try defend our self from the world around us. Unfortunately for us that connection is an all or nothing thing – either you connect with everything, or you lose the joy, and begin to drop into the lower and less pleasant states of consciousness. Many times we attempt to resolve this with filling up on human love – finding someone to care for us and make us feel better, or through other experiences – drugs, entertainment, pleasure – and while in themselves these are not necessarily bad things (maybe drugs are arguable here – can they be considered bad? Maybe in some circumstances) – chasing these worldly experiences to try to resolve a greater existential crisis is not really effective. This infinite connection that gives us joy and peace, this connection with all things is what people call Oneness. It is not some unreachable grand experience that only few are gifted with – it is the natural state of human beings, and one which we do not function well without. We can experience the loneliness of disconnection from that infinite network of loving connection or we can choose to open to the ‘All One’ the joyous connection that uplifts us all.