Love is Not the Answer

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Love is not only not the answer it is so dangerous as to possibly be our greatest problem.  The concept of love contains in it a duality – “I love you” – “You love me” – This means that You and I are separate.  I expect some might say that this is true – You and I are separate, and in the physical universe this is true, but talk to any mystic who perceives the deeper nature of the universe and they will tell you that there is no separation, that we are all one and all connected.  In this mystical view of reality there is no room for “I love you” or “You love me” or even for “I love myself”.  There is only “We are one”.

In the mystics eyes is there such a thing as Love?  Yes there is – a different thing from the daily love we talk about – an energy that flows through all things, a joy that animates existence, an inspiration that drives the world.  Could you call this Love?  Yes but you might do better to give it another name – “The Holy Spirit”, “Universal Energy”, “Shakti” are all good choices.  If we truly learnt to embody this energy then it might be an answer it might show us the way to a better more harmonious world (in fact i am certain that it would).  In that sense could we say that Love is the Answer?  Certainly yes it is true, but when someone says to me “Love is the answer” do they mean this kind of otherworldly experience?  Rarely – in most cases they mean sentimental sweetness, or self sacrificing gentleness, or ecstatic love of God and the World (which ecstasy please note still contains duality in it)

So our highly regarded concept of Love is anti-mystical – it holds us to perpetuate the false view that we are separate beings.  In its duality it prevents us from seeing the unity of all, or even the unity of a few.

It has been shown that falling in love is a bad sign for relationships.  Lasting happy relationships are based on peace and companionship and satisfaction not on passionate love.  Relationships require unity to flourish – the sense that we are together as one.

Love also creates conflicts by drawing a line around ourselves of what we love, and leaving some other parts out of it – “I love my children and will deprive others for their sake” – “I love my country and will fight and kill others for it”.  In the end this circle of love can be expanded to include the whole universe – “I Love All” – and that has some benefit in that there is no outside of the circle that we don’t love but it still lacks the understanding and insight that allows you to create peace and harmony.  Enjoy your ecstatic dances and passionate love of all – but don’t tell me that you will transform the world like this – you don’t yet have the sensitivity to do that until you can see others as part of yourself, and don’t tell me I should find it inspiring.  I went through 10 years of Divine Ecstasy and I look back on it as one of the worst times of my life – because that ecstatic duality prevents the experience of the open hearted connection that gives sustained, harmonious & peaceful joy.

Where else does Love fail us?  In the environmental movement – “I love trees and I will save them, fight for them, rally for them” but all this frenetic energy around the issue prevents us from seeing the simple causes behind the situation.  Why is this happening? And how can we change it?  In fact if you look closely you will see the same answer – the trees are being cut and destroyed for love.  It is love of money and love for their families that drives the loggers to cut the trees.  It is love for money and love for their companies that leads the company directors to organise this kind of business.  It is love for their positions and love for the economy that leads the politicians to support.  Where is the solution – as always it is in unity.  When the love can be transformed into harmony, connection, wisdom we will have a harmony with money, trees, families, economies and all involved and we will quickly find the obvious solution that we must find income sources that support community and the environment.  Our energy should be put into building cooperative & community endeavours not to fighting and creating more conflict and resistance.

What is the answer?  Oneness, Unity, Connection – allow that love that you feel to pull you closer until there is no separation – in this state when we are one together there is no conflict, there is no resistance.  It is a natural process to find what works for all, and then all will naturally support it.

Give up on Love – Give up on Loving – it does not serve us.  Time to go further into the unity and harmony that is the true nature of the universe and allow that Peaceful Connection to resolve all our problems.